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Instruction for affiliates

Greetings dear representative!

Thank you very much for joining our project. We want to make this world calmer and kinder. We believe that our products will help people not be afraid of who they are. We also believe that homophobia will become a thing of the past over time.

Please read the instructions to the end and only then start registration. The important points are always hidden in the little things.

Here are instructions for representatives:

1. Follow the link and register.

2. After registration, we will check your profile and confirm it. This usually happens within a few hours. 

3. After verification, we will send you a promotional code that will track your sales.

4. You are now our official representative! You just have to use the materials for publication, which are available in the "Marketing Tools" section.

5. All sales are recorded in your profile. You get your 20 percent on every sale.

6. Payments are made in the first and third weeks of the month to your PayPal account. Please enter Your payment information (not necessary for the first time)

The more posts you make, the more chances you have of selling more items.



Here are several ways you can promote products and get your% from it:

Use all your social networks.
You can post a link to our website and your promo code and indicate that by this promo code buyers will receive a 10% discount. The more posts you make, the more likely buyers will use your promo code. Don't forget to tag at least one of our instagram @rnbwcreative , @rnbwcreative_lesbian , @rnbwcreative_bi and @rnbwcreative_pan in your post :)

Use your YouTube channel for promotion.
You can purchase the item at a discounted price and use it for your videos! Don't forget that after buying a product with your promo code, you will also get your 20% commission back! This means that a T-shirt worth about $ 32 will cost you about $ 23! (10% discount and 20% your commision)

You can promote your promotional code in any way you like. The more purchases are made with your promo code, the more % you get!